Amongst the greats…

‘Tickets SOLD OUT’: These words resonate at many world-class sporting events … Sporting events designed to showcase the world’s greatest athletes. Sporting events designed to capture the imagination of the sports enthusiast. Sporting events which surpass the drama and tension of Hollywood’s award winning movies…such as:


  • Super bowl XLVIII, featuring the evergreen Peyton Manning;
  • The FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, featuring 2 of the best ever – Lionel Messi & Christiano Ronaldo;
  • The World Series Baseball 2013, featuring the insurmountable Boston Red Sox;
  • The 2012 Beijing Olympic Games, featuring the charismatic Usain Bolt;
  • The Masters 2014, featuring?


Due to the above we at TBC are left with two certainties


1. The list is by no means complete (We would hate for an avid rugby fan to corner us at our local watering hole demanding an explanation for why Ronaldo takes precedence over Bismarck du Plessis) and


2. The upcoming Masters at Augusta is one of the greatest sporting events in the world today. From the greatest athletes, to the ‘SOLD OUT’ tag, to the inherent drama and tension, which inevitably consumes Augusta National every April, to the history and traditions…the tournament encapsulates all that is ‘great’ about sport!


And one uncertainty


1. Which player(s) will define the 2014 Masters at Augusta? Your guess is as good as ours. Will it be the defiant Woods searching for his first Major in 6 years, or the consistent Zach Johnson, looking to add to his green jackets? Perhaps one of the South African contingent, or the Irish lad who seems to be finding some form again.


Looking at the PGA and European Tour results for 2014 it seems a fruitless exercise to try and predict a winner. However that doesn’t make the guessing game any less exciting. Sport enthusiasts all over the world grasp at the opportunity to become the expert, stating with 100% conviction why ‘their man’ will be victorious come Sunday afternoon.


Are such suspense, unpredictability and food for ‘around the camp fire’ banter not characteristics of great sporting events?


So where does that leave us?


The title of this article is two-fold in meaning – and purposefully so! It denotes the Masters at Augusta as one of the ‘greats’ of sporting events. It also pays homage to the company that every Master’s champion joins. Since it’s inception in 1934, the Masters has produced ‘great’ champions. Players with the ability to overcome struggles within them and leave a career defining mark on golfing history. So what holds the key…should we even consider predicting a winner?


Bobby Jones, one of the founders of the Masters tournament famously said: ‘Golf is a game played on a 5-inch course  – the distance between your ears.’ Come the 10th of April 2014 it is perhaps the player who will take on these simple yet enduring words that will conquer Augusta National.


However, for the rest of us sports enthusiasts, with the Masters only a few weeks away, continue losing yourself in the sporting world of ‘Greats’. Watching, debating, and loving every moment of world-class entertainment. Hollywood’s got nothing on this…


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