Shadowmatch is a sophisticated, user friendly, internet based system which accurately facilitates crucial functionalities for companies and organizations which directly concerns (their) people.

Managing the workforce of a business is amongst the top three most challenging areas in business to manage successfully. Shadowmatch has been developed to address the specific areas in human resource management that are most challenging to succeed with.

 Shadowmatch uses include:


  • Precision Recruitment – A business and job unique benchmark made up of top performers is used to recruit and develop individuals for best performance in a job. The system provides interview packs and system based comparisons between the behavioural patterns (habits) of an individual compared to that of top performers in the business doing a specific job under specific conditions.
  • Personal Development – The system assists new recruits, as well as current employees to develop those areas in which they lack the right behavioural habits in order to maximise their success in a specific position or division. This is achieved by providing Personal Development Programmes in the form of guided practical learning outcomes to develop those areas necessary for the individual to grow towards better performance in the organisation or specific division or position. These programmes are customized for the specific context of the given position.
  • Career Development – Shadowmatch assists the business and the individual in finding a career path that works for the success of both.  It matches an individual to top performers and highlights positions / roles / divisions in which the individual will be successful.
  • Talent Identification – Shadowmatch enables an employer to create a benchmark of the most talented individuals in the business. The company database of employees can now be searched for other talented individuals that could be developed for deployment into key future positions in a business.
  • Succession Planning – Succession planning as a structured framework towards replacing key people in the business with equally competent individuals when the former moves on, is a serious challenge. Shadowmatch is the perfect system to successfully meet this challenge.
  • Placement Audit – Shadowmatch has in many instances been used to do a placement audit of a division or an entire company. The outcome is an indication of employees that are placed in positions where they have a propensity to fail as well as development actions that will help them grow their success.
  • Team Building – Shadowmatch enables the facilitation of a powerful and constructive team building session.  It empowers individuals and teams by giving them insight into their own behavioural patterns as well as the habit patterns of the team.
  • Conflict Facilitation – The Shadowmatch capability of matching the behavioural patterns of two individuals that are not getting along, enables the user to identify the reasons for the conflict. Shadowmatch also successfully assists in finding the reasons for team conflict.
  • Redeployment of People / Restructuring – Shadowmatch enables the user to precision place people.  If a department closes down or a merger happens, the tool is very useful and accurate in finding the best role and division to place individuals.
  • Leadership Identification – Once the most successful leaders in the business have been identified, the tool enables the user to search through all the ranks in the business for individuals that show the same behavioural patterns as the successful leaders.  These individuals can now be developed towards being a successful future leader in the business.
  • Coaching – The Shadowmatch results page provides insight into the behaviour patterns of an individual and empowers a manager / mentor / business coach to deliver accurate and meaningful coaching.

By using Shadowmatch, you invest in a system which will keep a database (of the behavioural habits) of all employees within the organization.  This will enable you to optimally place, manage, develop and retain your workforce, which in turn results in a successful business.