To make Sport Psychology services more accessible, empowering and applicable (AcEApp).

Accessibility (Ac)

Through using a host of different technology platforms, Theo Bezuidenhout Consulting (TBC) not only aims to become a vehicle for continuous development of the athlete, but also emphasizes consistent communication with both the athlete and his larger system. At TBC we believe that every athlete forms part of a larger system which is essential to the eventual output and success of that athlete. An athlete’s nearest system typically consists of parents, coaches, and mentors. Given this, we place a big importance on involving this system in our process. Thus we emphasize communicating the athlete’s assessments, development, and outcomes, and remaining connected not only with the athlete, but also their system through various methods (see: ‘Contact’). Involving the system ensures that mental development not only occurs during our sessions, but is an ongoing process continued by coaches, parents and mentors: people who often spend the majority of time with the athlete.

Empowerment (E)

With the greater goal of enhancing each athlete’s performance, the final mission for TBC is to help athletes become independent of us, not dependent. The structuring of our ‘Exclusive Sport Psychology Packages’, including our individual sessions, themes, psychometric testing, and on field analysis during competition and practice is all geared towards helping athletes better understand themselves. It is through this increased knowledge of themselves and their functioning that an athlete and their system become empowered and ultimately self-sufficient.

Applicability (App)

TBC is client centered, meaning an emphasis on giving every client practical guidelines for development, replacing an often mundane and ‘out of place’ theoretical model common to so many Sport Psychology services. A review of our ‘Exclusive Sport Psychology Packages’ will illustrate the practicality and applicability of the service we provide. This ‘hands on’ approach also fosters a personal relationship between the athlete and psychologist, as TBC becomes part of the athlete’s team.