Sport Psychometrics

TBC uses a variety of psychometric tests in a variety of sports contexts. Examples of some of the constructs measured by our functional sport psychometrics include but are not limited to:

Using the DISC profile system (dominance; inspiration; steadiness; conscientious), the MGWP provides the client with their ‘mental golf’ profile, as well as proven strategies to address these various mental aspects.

The following areas are highlighted through the MGWP assessment: Golf Temperament; Pre-Round Preparation; Shot-making and Short Game; Practice; Course Management; Working With Instructors & Coaches

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Personality assessments can provide an insight into people’s approaches and behaviours. This is also applicable and relevant to sport and performance. The Sport personality measure typically assesses constructs such as values & motives, dynamism, sociability, anxieties, openness, and performance techniques. The assessment is geared towards helping athletes to improve athletes consistency of performance, increase their understanding of the value of mental skills in sport, and to give athletes an idea of their mental strengths and weaknesses.

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